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Our goal is to help the businesses of Dubai grow their business, achieve greater success and realise their full potential. And more often than not the biggest obstacle in this journey can be the lack of financial assistance. That is the sole reason we have teamed up with the most credible financial consultants who care about businesses in Dubai and reputed financial services companies who enable the required growth.

In a country like UAE, business finance is so critical not only for sustaining its operations but a major driving force for them to grow. On a simple search online you can find many finance companies in Dubai who seem to cater loan and trade finance facilities for businesses, but how many of them have a proven track record in securing the best outcome for their clients? Guess, that answer is debatable.

Our business partners are some of the best and long-standing finance companies who are qualified experts in the financial industry, proven track record with positive outcomes, robust relationships within the local lending industry and an honest appetite to help customers.

Our network of financial consultants has a simple philosophy- they claim to be successful only when they have been able to secure their clients the funding they require. Every business has a different operating structure, different growth patterns and different visions; hence the business finance they require also needs to be most suitable. Not every type of business loan will suit every business and that is why our financial services companies provide a comprehensive list of loans and finance facilities such as:

  • Capital Investment
  • Trade Finance Facilities
  • Term Loans
  • Material Financing
  • Equipment Credits
  • Line-of- credit Loans
  • Instalment loans
  • Secured & Unsecured Loans
  • Letter of Credit
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Import Letters of Credit
  • Short-term Import Financing
  • Trust Receipts Loans
  • Export Letters of Credit
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Bank Guarantees to secure contracts with suppliers & customers.
  • Shipping Guarantees and Delivery Orders
  • Foreign Exchange Contracts to protect against rate fluctuations
  • Financial Guarantees Performance, Tender and Labour Guarantees

Our financial consultants not only meet with you and try to understand your business objectives and goals but help you provide insight, expert advice and guidance through the entire process. Our biggest success comes when you have achieved what you are looking for. Our overall process involves:

  • Understanding the current business position
  • Reason required for business funding
  • Assessment on the ROI of the loan
  • Review of your current financial documentation and standing
  • Risk assessment to mitigate potential risks and threats
  • Assistance in preparation of your funding application
  • Sourcing the best financial loans available in the market
  • Representing your best interest with various lending institutions
  • Negotiate the best financial loan for your business
  • Review how the funding fits into your business plans
  • On-going support and planning

After having worked with thousands of businesses in Dubai, we understand that unless someone truly cares and is genuinely interested to help you, the results are never favourable.

Come and talk to us, to speak to that someone who cares - about you and your business.